We would love to welcome to the team our 3 Sponsored riders for the year of 2021!!

The 3 girls are Becky, Clodagh and Grace.

Each week, there will be a short blog post from the girls talking a bit about themselves and their horse(s), their disciplines their experiences with D&C, reviews and just in general any tips, etc.

Oh, and make sure you show your support to these girls on their Insta's

Becky - @basicc__bays

Clodagh - @equestrianclodagh

Grace - @my_13.3_welshie


Our first blog post comes from Becky, here is what she has to say this week 😊💜


Hi everyone!

My name is Becky and I'm from the UK. I loan a gorgeous pony called Vinnie. I recently was very lucky to be picked as a sponsor for D&C equestrian! I also had the privilege to be an ambassador for them. D&C sell high quality, fun and unique products, that are super eye catching! Having tested out 2 saddle pads myself I can 100% confirm that not only do they look even better in really life, they’re super cooling for your pony- my pony vinnie (who is unclipped and gets sweaty very easily) did over 1 hour of hard jumping work, and hardly sweated at all in his D&C saddle pad! They also have a lovely range of colours, suitable for every horse. They also have fantastic customer service, postage is very very quick, and they have regular sales, although they never pressure you into buying. They’ve also been so supportive of me and Vinnie!

Thanks for reading, hopefully you’ll be even more interested in buying from D&C now! My code is “BECKY10” if you want 10% off your order!
Love Becky xx

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Are you guys looking to sponser as I live the way your brand is and I do riding in Ireland and ride in lessons every week which will be very relatable for our clients as lots of people are joining riding schools at the moment thanks from Hayley


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